Saturday, June 27, 2009

no really, she eats . . .

So, this little rascal of mine has been very predictable pretty much since birth.  That's why when I dropped her off with my sister the other day, I told her basically, "I know two things.  She will sleep about 2 hours pretty soon.  And you can try to feed her, but she will NOT eat anything but a bottle."  Imagine my surprise when three hours later I get a text message saying, "Good news and bad news.  No sleep.  She LOVES carrots and bananas."  What?!  

Davie decided she doesn't need as much sleep in the day for awhile.  This makes me sad.  I liked knowing exactly when and how long she was going to be out.  Maybe it's a phase (fingers crossed).  

I give all the glory to my sister for getting her to eat though!  I think it was a combination of her carefree attitude, a new place, and freedom.  She had Davie sitting in the floor by the big window.  She let Davie play with the food.  Just play and play.  Then she slipped some in her mouth . . . after many denials from Davie.  Then she decided she liked it, and lapped it up!  Weird.  So I tried it myself the other day . . . and it didn't work so well.  She was like, "I know you!  You always get mad-faced and try to shove gross things in my mouth.  Well, NOT TODAY!!!"  So I busted out the little kiddie Yogurt cups.  Davie thought it was a cup to drink out of - which she ADORES.  So I let her try to drink out of it.  Then I scooped some yogurt up to the top of the cup and in to her mouth.  Then slowly got rid of the cup and just fed her with a spoon.  And get this, for the past 4 meals she has eaten with no qualms!

It's so nice to figure out little tricks that work for you and your kid.  Thank you sister!


Madfarmer said...

I love you so much! I had so much fun with Davie! All the things I've been through in the past year have taught me to have fun whenever you possibly can!

Davie is awesome.

erinkern said...

Hey! How have I missed your blog?? So cute! Your baby (well, little girl now!) is so sweet. Looking forward to hearing more about her!